AC Milan has said it has no intention of moving from its San Siro home after Milan mayor Giuseppe Sala said the Italian Serie A football club is looking to build a new stadium in the city.

According to Sky Sport Italia, Sala said that the club had opened talks with the City Council regarding a number of possible sites for a new stadium in the city.

However, AC Milan has moved to firmly deny the reports, saying in a statement it has “never expressed the desire to leave San Siro”, the stadium it shares with fierce rival Inter Milan.

“Although AC Milan considers important for its future to play in an owned stadium, therefore not sharing it with other teams, the decision on which can be the future sports facilities of the Milanese teams can be taken in adequate time and with full agreement of all the parties involved,” the statement said.

“It is for this reason that AC Milan, together with the City Council, have started a series of meetings and evaluating the areas available on the territory, taking into consideration the value of San Siro and the possible redevelopment of the stadium.

“Only at the conclusion of this path, all the parties involved will be able to express a full evaluation and eventually take decisions.”

Responding in a post on his official Twitter account, Sala said a club the size of AC Milan needs to be playing in a “modernised” stadium, adding that the City is keen to work with the club or Inter on a new stadium project in Milan.

Sala said: “I note Milan’s statement on San Siro. Let’s just make this simple: I think that for Milan, for the fans and the tourists, the stadium needs to be modernised.

“When will Milan be able to tell me if they are available or not to invest along with us in our stadium? Let it be clear, the invite also goes out to Inter, because this is the stadium of Milanese people.”

Inter Milan also responded to the reports, replying to Sala via the team’s official Twitter account: “Dear Sala, as you might recall, we invested time and resources in the stadium of Milanese people. Our plans have been clear to everyone and have not changed for 18 months.

“We await a round table discussion with all the actors involved to speak about this with clarity.”