StubHub has insisted that marketplace transparency must not come at the expense of consumer rights in a response to the recent Waterson Report into secondary ticketing in the UK.

The report from Professor Michael Waterson, issued in May, made a series of recommendations, including that a lead body, such as National Trading Standards, carry out a compliance investigation. That would ensure enforcement action is taken if rules outlined in the Consumer Rights Act, such as the publication of details including the face value of the ticket and seat number, are ignored.

While StubHub general manager Estanis Martin de Nicolas told the Music Week publication that while the secondary ticketing operator supports openness in the sector, it does not want the consumer’s right to re-sell an item threatened.

Speaking to Music Week, StubHub general manager Estanis Martin de Nicolas said: “We are totally in favour of transparency, but one important consideration is that transparency can be used by promoters to cancel the original tickets.

“We believe in transparency, but it should not come at the expense of people’s right to re-sell tickets.”