Pokémon Go event proves popular at Durham Bulls Athletic Park

North American Minor League Baseball team the Durham Bulls yesterday (Tuesday) opened its home ballpark to players of Pokémon Go, the virtual reality smartphone game that has proven popular around the world since its launch last week.

Pokémon Go requires the user to search and capture virtual Pokémon using the GPS system and camera on their smartphones. The Bulls yesterday invited gamers to search for Pokémon at Durham Bulls Athletic Park during a two-hour timeslot, with access costing $5.

The club took the decision to host the event after noticing that fans were playing Pokémon Go during the Bulls’ recent home game.

Prior to the event, Bulls general manager Mike Birling said: “We found that the DBAP proved to be a hotspot for Pokémon, with characters popping up in all areas of the stadium.

“The problem was that many of the Pokémon were on the field, and our fans weren't able to catch them. With the team on the road for two weeks though, we thought this would be a perfect time to allow fans to catch the previously unattainable characters.”

The event proved to be a success, with the Bulls raising $3,000 for the Second Chance pet adoption charity in North Carolina.

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