The turf and track at a US stadium are likely to be replaced after a Brazilian festival left significant damage at the facility.

Veterans Memorial Stadium, a 9,000-seat venue in Lawrence, Massachusetts, hosted the event on Saturday.

Local Mayor Daniel Rivera said that the authority is “in lawsuit mode” against the company that rented the stadium and hosted the festival, Floripa Productions.

Large parts of the field have been left with broken glass embedded into the grass, the Eagle Tribune news service added.

Rivera blamed a “breach in the contract and failure to abide by the use regulations”. Rivera said that it was too early to put a cost on the damage.

The festival was billed as the "biggest Brazilian country event" in Boston, with as many as 8,000 people having attended.

“They made a lot of money and we want to enjoin those funds before they disappear,” said Rivera, who added that a clause in the contract specified that the stadium must be left clean and undamaged.