FanFood sets out plans to boost concessions sales

Startup company FanFood has announced plans to improve both experience and sales at concessions inside venues across the US.

FanFood is a mobile concessions application that gives fans the ability to request an order to be delivered directly to their seat, which means they avoid the queues that often deter spectators from purchasing goods.

Speaking to Sporttechie.com about the new venture, founders William Anderson, Carson Goodale, Dustin Hemesath and Elijah Doestch said the free-to-download app is available across all major digital distribution services, with the company set to initially focus on high school and college venues before expanding further.

“As a customer directed POS system, FanFood serves as an adjunct to existing concession service providers and is adaptable to all systems; this requires zero operation adjustments for the concessionaire,” the founders said.

“We are essentially a zero-opportunity cost initiate for our partnered venues. Our revenue model is based on a transaction fee per order. At the collegiate level, we expect fans to willingly pay a convenience fee for express pickup or in-seat delivery, respectively.

“Once we become established with larger scale venues that host multiple concession vendors, we will have a bidding process for which vendors we will provide our service for.

“Once FanFood is able to prove that their technology increases sales for venues, we will look to charge a monthly licensing fee for the software.”

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