Everton chief executive Robert Elstone has said that the English Premier League football club is close to establishing funding plans for its proposed new stadium.

The club is keen to push ahead with plans for a new ground, having played at its current Goodison Park home since 1882, and has been working with Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson as part of the project.

Potential sites for the new Everton stadium have already been identified at Stonebridge Cross and Bramley-Moore Dock, although the club and its supporters favour the latter option.

The latest project comes after a number of previous unsuccessful attempts to start work on a new stadium, with Everton having been forced to abandon the plans after being unable to raise funds.

However, speaking to Sky Sports, Elstone said that although there is still some way to go until permanent plans are drawn up, the club is ‘confident’ that it will be able to identify solutions to any issues regarding funding for the project.

“We’re confident now that essentially we’re moving towards a solution for the problem that’s remained with us throughout this which is how we’re going to afford it,” Elston said.

“It’s a big, big investment, where’s the money going to come from to build it? There’s a lot of work gone into that. We’re getting very close we hope to solving that problem.”