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Construction 40 per cent complete at Al Bayt Stadium 

Qatar’s Al Bayt Stadium, a proposed semi-final host venue for the 2022 Fifa World Cup, has continued its progress with 40 per cent of the structural work now completed.

The surrounding precinct also has 25 per cent of its work finished, with parks and greenery forming an integral part of the surrounding area’s design plan. Following the tournament, it will create a green area for the city of Al Khor and provide local families with invaluable outdoor space to enjoy.

The venue will have an overall height of 37 metres, and once the stadium is fully constructed, it will have a capacity of 60,000.

The retaining wall that will support the upper two levels of the stadium’s overall weight has also been erected, and will ultimately be the main support of the facility’s retractable roof that will take 20 minutes to close.

“The area around the stadium will include facilities for the community and green areas,” said Dr. Nasser Al-Hajeri, the Aspire Zone Foundation project director. “There are currently 3,000 construction workers on site, and workers’ welfare continues to be a top priority as we advance with construction on this unique stadium which will leave a tangible legacy for the community after the tournament.”

The installation of approximately 2,500 seats at the north end recently commenced at the stadium, with the stands becoming visible from afar reaching a height of 39 metres from ground level.

According to Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, which is responsible for delivering the stadia and infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup, almost half of the seating will be removed and given to football development projects around the world following the tournament.

The seats are being manufactured in Qatar, while the steel structure platforms for the modular seats are designed in Germany and manufactured in Italy.

After the tournament, the stadium’s capacity will be reduced to approximately 32,000. The upper concourse will be converted into a hotel with a shopping centre, with a branch of the sports medicine facility, Aspetar, to be included.

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