Philips Lighting has expanded its services into the Turkish stadium market after installing the first Philips ArenaVision LED pitch lighting system at the Sinan Erdem Arena in Istanbul.

According to Voltimum, the new system includes 92 Philips ArenaVision LED floodlights to light the playing surface, as well as a further 96 Philips SportsStar LED floodlights to illuminate the stands.

Philips Lighting said its technology reduces energy consumption for lighting by up to 40 per cent, while the system can also be used to create light shows in the arena.

The 16,500-capacity Sinan Erdem Arena is used to host EuroLeague Basketball matches and Philips Lighting was instructed to ensure that the lighting system adhered to certain standards.

As such, Philips Lighting confirmed the lighting meets the requirements of both the International Basketball Federation and broadcasters around the world.

Saner Kırık, sales director of Philips Lighting Project Channel for Turkey, said: “Our dynamic sports lighting elevates the Sinan Erdem Arena to one of Europe’s top sporting venues and it gives us immense pleasure to support the transformative and unifying power of sport.

“We look forward to sharing the thrill of basketball with fans at the venue and watching at home.”