Philips Lighting has further expanded its portfolio through investing in its first integrated, connected LED lighting system that is designed for recreational sports fields.

Philips PerfectPlay will enable venues to reduce energy costs, simplify operations and maximise revenue potential, while also providing better quality lighting for those participating in recreational sports.

Philips PerfectPlay uses energy-efficient LED sports field lighting that works through a simple tap of a control panel, tablet or smartphone anywhere in the facility or remotely.

Using this method can assist in finding the lighting that best fits the particular sport being played, whether its football, tennis, rugby, gym, skiing or golf.

In addition, the system provides the sports facility with the flexibility to change and select settings depending on whether it’s a match or training. Philips PerfectPlay also allows operators to light only part of a pitch, helping facilities to maximise earning potential and significantly reduce operational costs.

The system can be used for indoor and outdoor facilities alike, and also has the capability to connect and operate with existing or new installations.

There are three different lights settings, which include “match” at 100 per cent lighting, “training” with up to 50 per cent dimming, and finally “comfort” with 10 per cent lighting to create ambience for after-sport socialising.

Due to its remote capabilities, Philips PerfectPlay eliminates the need to have an employee on-site during all open hours. The system also builds reports on lighting and energy usage, providing data to help reduce energy costs.

Image: Snowmanradio