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Perth Premier rules out full-strength beer for Perth Stadium

Perth Premier Mark McGowan has said that full-strength beer should be banned from corporate boxes at the new Perth Stadium in the Australian city.

Due to open in March next year, the new facility will be used to host major sports events such as AFL Australian football matches, as well as entertainment events.

While details of services that will be offered at the new venue are yet to be fully revealed, one subject that has become a source of debate in recent weeks is the sale of beer in corporate zones.

Perth Sports Minister Mick Murray told The Sunday Times newspaper that full-strength beer should be available in the day but restricted at night to curb fans who had been drinking during the day.

However, Premier McGowan has now seemingly overruled Murray by telling The West Australian that full-strength beer should be banned in corporate areas and only mid-strength beer should be available, regardless the time of day.

“I’ll make a submission to the Liquor Commission along the lines that I think that the mid-strength arrangement works,” McGowan said.

“I have a view that if there’s going to be mid-strength for the crowd there should be mid-strength for the people in the boxes. I don’t think it should be a two-tiered system.

“I don’t understand why people in the boxes have a different arrangement to people in the crowd. That’s obviously something that I’d urge the football administrators and the Liquor Commission to investigate.”

Image: Samuel Wiki