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AEG Europe set to step up security measures

Tom Miserendino, the president and chief executive of sports and entertainment facility operator AEG Europe, has revealed that stricter measures are likely to be taken on what spectators can bring into venues in the wake of recent terror attacks.

Last month, 22 people were killed and more than 100 were injured by a suicide bomber who walked into the foyer at Manchester Arena just moments after the conclusion of a concert featuring singer Ariana Grande.

“We’re constantly evaluating our security procedures and seeing what we can improve upon,” Miserendino told The Telegraph.

“I would envision that we will continue to get more strict on what is brought in. There will be fewer large bags and backpacks will be restricted. That’s about educating the public.”

AEG Europe will also consider implementing new screening technology, Miserendino added. The company already uses metal detectors on visitors to venues.

AEG Europe operates The 02 in London (pictured) and Miserendino praised the “great level of support that we received from the London police” at the venue in the wake of the Manchester attack.

“We’re vigilant,” he said. “We recognise that that is one of the challenges that organisations like ours need to face.”