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Qwasi Media launches IoT fan communication system qLoyalty

Communication technology company Qwasi Media has launched qLoyalty, a fan communication management system.

qLoyalty uses real-time data to personalise loyalty and VIP experiences, through its use of digital listening posts like NFC, WiFi and Beacons to create mobile experiences without fans having to download an app.

The Internet of Things (IoT) enabled solution sends reminders to fans about upcoming games, then welcomes them by name as they walk into events, and rewards them with points that can be redeemed for items such as game-worn jerseys.

Additionally, development teams are able to collect donations over mobile, advertisers can see ROI on their sponsorship messaging, and qLOYALTY gives fans the ability to text security personnel if they see suspicious activity.

“We are excited to use new mobile technologies to elevate the fan experience, create a new type of profit centre for universities, and keep fans safer as they attend events,” said founder Lara Hanson.

“Today, most organisations rely solely on email and social media to drive engagement, and are not tapping into the one thing everyone has with them at all times – their mobile devices.

“As a former basketball player at Fordham University, I understand the challenges organisations face around fan engagement, and the opportunities mobile technology provides,” Hanson continued.

qLoyalty’s Ram Rewards programme was launched at Fordham in 2016 and fan engagement increased by 290 per cent in year one.

“We wanted to develop a new and exciting way to engage our student fan base. Students are always on their phones, so it was only natural for us to find a more relevant way to communicate with fans on their phones,” said Mary Alice Limperopulos, ticket manager & assistant director of marketing at Fordham University.

Upon launching qLOYALTY, Fordham’s fan database quadrupled, seeing a 98-per-cent retention rate and only a two-per-cent opt out. Advertisers saw an average 12-per-cent conversion on their marketing initiatives, and for the first time, Fordham was able to offer mobile inventory to its sponsors.

“qLoyalty gives us metrics to analyse our fan base, attendance habits, and, more specifically, the type of fans attending our sporting events. It was great to see these changes and watch our attendance grow exponentially,” said Limperopulos.

Image: Qwasi Media PR