Tokyo 2020 eyeing new technologies to boost fan experience

Mobile technologies could be used to enhance the fan experience at the 2020 summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

The event’s chief technology innovation officer, Eiji Uda, has revealed that data-driven technologies are being considered by Games organisers in a move that would provide fans with real-time information on the events they are watching.

Speaking to the Inside the Games website, Uda said: “We really want to make it an actual benefit to the spectators who actually visit the venue.

“We want to make it exciting. What we need to do is add value to being at the Games’ venues. This matters not just for the Olympics, but all kind of sports. They need to value up for spectators.”

Inside the Games’ report added that spectators could be provided with information relating to speed and distances during races, as well as strategy analysis in team sports, such as volleyball.

Uda’s comments come after US technology giant Intel last month signed on as a top-tier partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Intel intends on using its technologies to enhance the in-venue experience for fans at Games venues.

Intel has pledged to use its 5G platforms at the Games to demonstrate how this form of technology will transform communications over the coming years. The 5G initiative is due to begin at next year’s winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Intel also plans to use drone-light-show technology to create “never-seen-before” images in the sky above Olympic venues.

Image: Makaristos