Gold Coast 2018 premieres 5G technology through Cisco partnership

The organising committee for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games has partnered with IT giant Cisco to provide 5G capabilities for spectators for the first time in the history of the multi-sport event.

The high-speed mobile connection will provide fans with the ability to watch events from every other venue through an app, as well as share videos and track their friends’ movements.

5G has been designed to meet the needs of next-generation mobile networks by pooling bandwidth to boost range and speed. Average speeds of 100Mbps are expected, with 5G able to handle more data, connect more devices, significantly reduce latency and bring new levels of reliability.

Australian telecommunications company Optus has also prepared to trial 5G technology at the Games, allowing much larger data storage, downloading and streaming. Matthew Peterson, the Games’ head of technology, said he has begun discussions to expand data storage capability at the venues through other companies.

“We know that Optus will be trialling 5G data and voice during the Games as well,” Peterson, said, according to the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.

“So, from a spectator, we have quite an evolved plan coming together for the customer experience.

“This could involve everything from the video board experience, the public announcement type experience, but we’re also going to expand that into areas of social media interaction with the spectators as well.”

Games organising committee chairman Peter Beattie said: “People these days want a total experience.

“They don’t just want to just go and sit in the venue and just watch it, so the technology and the sharing devices is going to be really important. The quality of that experience will be one of the legacy items of these Games.”

Statistics, event information and athlete details will be available in real time on the app throughout the Games.

“It gives us a whole host of information that will go to our mobile website and to our mobile app and transmitted on the Cisco network,” Peterson added.

“We will have other relevant information on the app as well: transport information, spectator experience, what’s happening in other venues, what’s happening at the cultural festivals and things like that.”

Image: Kgbo