MLB’s Detroit Tigers introduces fingerprint scanners to speed up Comerica Park security lines

Major League Baseball franchise the Detroit Tigers is testing a fingerprint scanner entry system at its Comerica Park home ground.

With similar technology to the smartphone unlocking fingerprint features, it is expected to significantly reduce the time it takes for fans to get through security.

The biometric readers were introduced at Comerica Park yesterday (Monday) during the Tigers’ game against the Kansas City Royals. The stadium is among one of the first to install the technology across the US, trialling the system at Gate A.

“Once you are in the system, so to speak, you have the ability to enter different venues and perform different transactions,” said Ed O’Brien, the head of sports business development at New York-based Clear, which installed the system, according to the Detroit Free Press website. 

“The way we view our long-term sports fan experience is, you’d never have to carry a wallet again.”

In order for fans to use the biometric system, they were required to register their fingerprints at a kiosk at Comerica Park. The process takes about five minutes and fans need to present a form of ID, as well as answering a series of questions.

Once each digit has been scanned, fans are in the system and can use the biometric readers each time they enter the park and never have to register again.

O’Brien added that Clear is looking to install the technology at other professional sports arenas in Detroit, including Ford Field and Little Caesars Arena.

The biometric reader is similar to what Clear uses with the Transportation Security Administration to get flyers through airport security quicker.

“Detroit is an amazing sports town with a loyal fan base,” said Caryn Seidman-Becker, Clear’s chief executive.

“In addition to expanding the network of venues where Clear is available, we are also working on applications for biometrics that extend beyond security to other uses inside the venue that will continue to transform the game day experience.”

Image: Ken Lund