Tokyo’s National Stadium to become football, rugby venue after Olympics

Tokyo’s new National Stadium, which is being constructed to host the 2020 edition of the summer Olympic Games, will be turned into a football and rugby venue following the event.

Sources close to the matter told Kyodo News that government officials are looking at plans to fill in the running track with stadium seating. The decision is based on attempting to use the stadium to bring in a steady stream of revenue as its maintenance costs will be high.

Before finalising the plans in September, the Japan Sports Agency will reportedly hold talks with the country’s athletics, rugby and football federations.

As many stadiums in Japan are made for multi-purpose use, future athletics meets such as the world and national championships are set to be held at Ajinomoto Stadium, which will be upgraded to meet international standards.

Major competitions in athletics now require venues to have a ‘subtrack’ close by to any race track. However, the National Stadium, which is due for completion in late November 2019, does not have the space for a subtrack. During the 2020 Games, a temporary facility will be built on the premises of Jingu Stadium.

Image: Japan Sports Council