English Championship football club Brentford has released modified plans for its proposed stadium in Hounslow, London.

Under the revised proposal, Brentford’s future home ground has reduced its capacity from 20,000 to 17,250. In addition, its Community Sports Trust facilities will now be built adjacent to the stadium, rather than within it.

The new date for construction to commence is in 2018, with hopes for completion by late 2019 or the start of 2020.

The smaller size will reportedly allow the incorporation of a road at the northern perimeter to improve access through the site, as well as easing constraints for construction due to the site being surrounded by railway lines.

The new stadium, which is being built with Premier League hopes in mind, will include compliant broadcast, lighting and media facilities.

In addition, plans include premium lounges that can host up to 3,000 guests, as well as potential safe standing zones once legislation allows it.

Cliff Crown, chairman of Brentford said: “I know that some fans may be concerned that the capacity of the stadium will be reduced but it is critical that this project is as financially robust and deliverable as possible.

“I am delighted that we are continuing to prepare for life in the Premier League with enhanced media, outside broadcast and lighting facilities to make the stadium fully compliant from day one, with provision for safe standing as soon as legislation allows.”

The amendment will be presented to members of the London Borough of Hounslow Planning Committee on August 24, before plans are submitted to the council in early September.

Image: Tom