Umbel launches fan engagement Scavenger Hunt for US sport home openers

Umbel, the data management platform provider, has launched a mobile in-game fan engagement offering that aims to entertain spectators during stoppages in play.

Scavenger Hunt can be used to support sports teams’ attempts at boosting in-game engagement at their venue and motivate fans to continue attending games. Clients use their mobile phones to select ‘stations’ in which clues will be found during the hunt.

Umbel, headquartered in Austin, Texas, said that through fan participation, franchises “benefit from in-depth metrics and data points on the type of consumers in attendance”.

Other Umbel activations include trivia, meme generators or fan polls that add new fans to sports franchises’ databases, and with Facebook authentication, can pull hundreds of data points in a single tap.

Umbel will interact with fans during NFL American football, NBA basketball and NHL ice hockey matches, all of which have new seasons coming up soon.

“We’re thrilled to launch our Scavenger Hunt campaign in light of the upcoming major US season openers,” said Natasha Morgan, vice president of marketing at Umbel. “We have the ability to offer fans an entirely new dimension of in-game entertainment. By participating in this scavenger hunt, organisations can activate their fans’ Facebook engagement to help provide an even better in-game experience.”

Umbel recently launched its Curated Segments offering, which is a service that empowers clients to efficiently boost revenue and better target fans.

Image: Pixabay

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