Video: From hospitality products to lifestyle experiences

What if you could build a motorsports track which went through your VIP area….? 

TheStadiumBusiness has been discussing the evolution of Sports & Entertainment Hospitality with Charlene Nyantekyi, Head of Hospitality Sales and Operations at Formula E.

“What we didn’t want to do was to be compared to Formula One, for example, because we’re a very different racing series and we want our hospitality to have a very different identity, and be more of who we are,” Nyantekyi said.

Delivering 6,000 hospitality experiences over two days in Hong Kong is just one facet of the global racing series success…

As a new global sports entity, electric street car racing provides a blank canvas for creativity, but has to win every new fan. How do you differentiate this motorsports offer from that of F1? How is the race series attracting the next generation of motorsports fan? How do you ensure consistency of service across global markets whilst also embracing the best of local cuisine and culture? And what are these ‘random acts of kindness’ that have been so rewarding… ?

Watch TheStadiumBusiness’ chat with Nyantekyi about the “blank canvas” that is Formula E.