Beovation increases fan experience at Real Madrid

Beovation is a German start-up with the vision to develop new products and services that are changing the customer experience while using powerful industries to inspire society to a more reflective and responsible way of living.

The company invents comfortable products that fight the typical inconveniences of seasonality for spectators of sports games by offering seat cushions and flexible pillows, which can both be heated up as well as cooled down through reusable hot and cold pads. The pleasant coolness prevents from sweating during hot summers while the comfortable heat keeps warm during freezing winters.

Furthermore, since Beovation places great focus on sustainability, it focuses on producing its products from recycled plastic waste to reduce pollution. Combined with the hot and cold pads’ reusability of several hundred times, Beovation provides long lasting and eco-friendly solutions that also display an ideal tool for CSR strategies.

By winning “Real Madrid Área VIP – Corporate Hospitality” as a client, Beovation receives the exposure of the best football club in recent history, which is needed to accomplish their ambitious goals in and with powerful sports properties.