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Aberdeen to have stadium decision by end of January

Scottish Premiership football club Aberdeen has announced that a decision on its new stadium will be reached before the end of January.

A second predetermination meeting pertaining to the proposed development at Kingsford will take place at Aberdeen City Council on January 17 with the plans now scheduled to go before the full council on January 29.

In October, a council meeting to discuss the club’s plans for a new stadium and sports complex at Kingsford, close to the Aberdeen bypass, was delayed, with further discussions surrounding the project required before a final decision is made.

Aberdeen in January submitted planning application to the city council for a new home ground and training facility as part of a £50m (€56.4m/$66.8m) project. Some locals have expressed opposition to the plans, with concerns having been raised over the building of the stadium on green belt land.

Stewart Milne, chairman of Aberdeen, said: “We’re very pleased that we’ll have a decision by the end of January and are quietly confident we’ll get the right outcome.

“The recent report from the economic development department at the Council backs up our additional detail and analysis and there is now no doubt about the overall economic benefits to the city and wider region associated with our ambitious plans for Kingsford.

“Our proposals fit with regional and national economic policy which aim to boost communities through investing in people, infrastructure and assets, fostering innovation and promoting inclusive growth. In addition to the compelling evidence of the economic benefits to the wider city region, it’s widely recognised that when AFC performs well, there is a direct boost to the economy in terms of the feel good factor.

“The latest information in our planning application underlines that there is no other site available or deliverable. As a region we need to continue to deliver progress and at pace; we cannot afford delays that will slow the momentum that has been building recently following one of the worst downturns in our local economy.

“AFC’s plans are privately funded, economically viable and can help support the delivery of the economic renaissance in the North-east. To ensure continued on-the-pitch performance and for the region to capitalise on these economic benefits we must deliver Kingsford as soon as possible.”