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Aloha Stadium in contention for UFC event

UFC president Dana White has revealed that the mixed martial arts promotion could be set for its first event in Hawaii, with Aloha Stadium being considered as a possible host venue.

The state has never staged a UFC event and the success of Hawaii native Max Holloway, the current UFC Featherweight Champion, has led to calls for an inaugural bout to be organised.

Aloha Stadium has a capacity of 50,000 and is the only venue in Hawaii deemed big enough to stage a UFC event. White has previously shied away from hosting an event at the stadium due to its status as an outdoor venue, but he appears to be coming around to the idea.

“We’re working on UFC Hawaii,” White said, according to the Associated Press news agency. “I’ve changed my mind. I’ve always been afraid of doing it outside. Plus it rains like every 10 minutes there, but we’re working on it and we really want to do it and obviously with a Hawaiian champion now too it makes a lot of sense. We’re working on it.”

Aloha Stadium primarily serves as the home of the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s American football team. It has also staged a range of high-profile music concerts in the past, with acts such as U2, Mariah Carey and The Rolling Stones having performed at the venue.

Image: Clio64