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NFL poll ‘saints’ the Saints

The New Orleans Saints has been ranked first for gameday experience out of all 32 teams in the NFL American football league.

In a survey conducted by the NFL’s League Observation Program and third-party Expert Review Audits, fans were asked to rate their experience during regular-season games in the 2017 season.

Teams were reviewed in eight categories, including game entertainment, arrival at the stadium, departure, safety and security, food, gameday staff, stadium technology and merchandise.

As well as being ranked first overall, the Saints topped the ‘departure’ category, placed second in ‘game entertainment’, ‘safety and security’ and ‘gameday staff’, and also finished third in ‘arrival’ and ‘food’.

The franchise was praised in particular for its key emphasis on family oriented entertainment, audio prompts and music at its Mercedes-Benz Superdome home.

“Just as it is our goal is to win championships on the field, our organisation wants to create an atmosphere that is the best fan experience in the NFL every season,” Saints owner Tom Benson said.

“While we are very proud of this ranking, I can assure you we will continue to work aggressively to earn the highest rankings in every category to improve in all areas that affect our fans.”

Team president Dennis Lauscha added: “We will continue to work with all partners to make every facet of the game experience safe, seamless and fun from the moment our fans leave their homes until they return safely to their homes.

“We have invested significantly in customer service training, technology upgrades to our audio and visual systems and enhancements to our fan entertainment elements.

“The most important factor fuelling these improvements is the feedback we get from our fans through surveying and consistent season ticket-holder communication.

“We look forward to working with our fans to make the 2018 fan experience even better.”

Image: David Reber