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National Stadium chief to engage all Singaporeans

Oon Jin Teik, the new chief executive of the Singapore Sports Hub, said the venue should be used primarily to serve the sports and entertainment needs of the country

With the 55,000-seat National Stadium at its core, the venue is set to attract big crowds for top sporting events. Last year, it hosted more than 200 events across all venues attended by 2.4 million people.

However, Oon said on Tuesday at a press conference to announce his appointment that the Singapore Sports Hub belongs to all Singaporeans.

The $1.33bn facility is a fully integrated sports, entertainment and lifestyle hub that was built in 2014 and hosts sporting and entertainment events.

In addition to its National Stadium, it also features the 12,000-capacity Singapore Indoor Stadium, 6,000-seat Aquatics Centre, 3,000-seat multi-sport arena, as well as 41,000 square metres of commercial space with leisure and commercial developments.

“Thirty-five hectares is a lot, it is like a small city. If you look at Old Trafford, it has a capacity of about 70,000. It is the home of a great football team, and the people who go for games are primarily regular attendees and season-ticket holders,” he said, according to the Straits Times newspaper.

“Our goal is to give everybody in the heartland something new to experience in the Sports Hub through a diverse portfolio of programming.”

Oon said he believes the Sports Hub should continue to engage children, youth and adults, as well as families, seniors and the less privileged.

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