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Industry News

VAR to show decisions on big screens

Video assistant referee (VAR) decisions could soon be broadcast on big screens inside stadia across football’s Italian Serie A, according to the head of the project in the country.

The top-tier Serie A club competition has been using VAR for the first time this season, but the system has come under criticism from fans who have been left in the dark when certain decision are made via VAR during matches.

Roberto Rosetti, chief of the VAR project in Italy, has now responded by saying the video replays refereeing officials view could now be shown on large screens inside stadia in order to inform fans about the decision.

“We are just at the start and have to improve,” Rosetti told Radio Anch’Io Sport. “The project is continuing in a very positive way.

“Over six months we’ve done well and the players have accepted the project, as bookings for dissent have dropped massively. This also helps to improve our football.

“The fans like it too, so everyone sees VAR in a positive light. We do have to improve the timing on objective situations, such as offsides, although we are working on speeding that up.

“The important thing is that more correct decisions are being made that are then decisive for the course of the campaign. We have to concentrate on that.”

Rosetti added: “The next step will be to transmit the VAR images on the screens in the stadiums, so fans and players can see what decisions are being made and why.”

Image: Raúl Pérez Lara