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Wembley enhances visitor tour with Imagineear

England’s Wembley Stadium has moved to improve the visitor experience on its official tour by working on a new multimedia-focused project with Imagineear.

The initiative will see Imagineear’s MultimediaGroupGuide deliver new video footage and re-edited content via a newly designed interface, which includes image recognition and 360-degree video technology.

Guides giving the tour at Wembley will have the option to speak to their group via amplified radio microphones and trigger the pre-loaded multimedia content on visitors’ individual players.

According to, Iain George, project director for the UK and Ireland at Imagineear, said: “The biggest advantage of the MultimediaGroupGuide is the ability it provides to add that extra dimension to the experience and support the tour guide.

“The immersive audio and multimedia elements help visitors ‘feel’ what it’s like to be at a game or concert at Wembley.

“The other great advantage is that the tour guide can dictate and change the tour route easily without affecting the experience or the visitor even noticing the change.”

Image: maxopt