Adopting Plan Z rather than Plan A can sometimes work out for the best according to the head of the Monterrey International Stadium in Mexico.

César O. Esparza is Leader of the project that will see a new 80,000-capacity, fifth generation international stadium built in the city for the Tigres football team.

The new arena, which has been suggested as a potential home venue for a future NFL franchise and even the first international Super Bowl, has been developed by César’s team and architectural firm Populous.


However, the project hit a major obstacle when it was denied planning permission for its originally intended site. Rather than give up on their dream for the city, César told TheStadiumBusiness that his team went back to another plan and have now found a location they believe could prove better than the original choice.  

“This project is so complex,” César said, in the latest TheStadiumBusiness Insights video interview. “You have to be patient and have Plan A, B, C, F and Z if you want to make it happen. We expected to get permission for the original site, however we always had in our mind that we might not get approval and planned with the option of moving to a different site.

“We are happy to be moving forward in a different direction. The new site is in the city and has a great connection with the team that plays there. It’s important for the whole area and will improve and regenerate the area.”

He added: “Monterrey is a very important city in Mexico and loves its sport. Both football teams always sell out.”

You can watch TheStadiumBusiness’ chat with César in full here:

César O. Esparza will be representing the project at TheStadiumBusiness Design & Development Summit on 13-14 November at Hilton Wembley, London.


IMAGE: Populous