PACIFA decision has partnered with English Premier League football club Arsenal to offer supporters a 3D view of their seats at Emirates Stadium before purchasing.

The interactive experience provides fans with a stadium-wide view of the 60,000-seat stadium, ensuring that they are able to choose the best seat possible from which to watch the Gunners.

Fans can select an area of the stadium they would like to sit in and a 3D view from that the stand will then be provided.

Take the 3D tour

PACIFA decision is the European leader in 3D maps online with more than 100 references including 2017 European champions both in football and rugby: Real Madrid CF and London Saracens. The company is providing top level solutions to enhance fans’ experience online to buy tickets for general stands or hospitality services.

PACIFA’s technologies use an API that can be plugged to any kind of ticketing system or web services. President Julien Piwowar said: “It is the fastest solution online in the current market with also the highest rate of quality considering rendering of every 3D panoramic 360° views. It is used for outdoor venues (Roland Garros, 24H Le Mans, etc.) but also for indoor arenas (basketball, ice hockey, handball, etc.) and particularly useful for multipurpose arenas with switch of configurations.”

PACIFA decision is a six-year old European company which creates and develops innovative solutions to help venue managers in their daily work.

PACIFA decision works in staff optimisation and crowd control and is linked to ticketing, access control and CCTV. Its groundbreaking 3D technologies allow reduced operational costs while improving ticketing and hospitality revenues.

PACIFA decision comprises 20 team-mates fully dedicated to permanently upgrading its existing tools and inventing new ones to always be on the cutting edge of innovations. Its various origins and partnerships allow it to manage up to nine languages (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Slovakian, Polish and Russian) because of its willingness is to be in direct contact with its customers’ managing teams; in order to work closely together in a friendly and collaborative way, instead of being a basic supplier.

PACIFA’s existing references are its best ambassadors to testify its product works and it is worth the investment!

PACIFA are confirmed as sponsors at TheStadiumBusiness Summit in Manchester on 12-13 June, where they will be showcasing all the possibilities offered by their technlologies to grow your business and give fans the best way to experience your venue.

You can find more information on its website or follow PACIFA on Twitter @PACIFAdecision.

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