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New York Red Bulls step up green credentials with Covanta

Major League Soccer (MLS) club New York Red Bulls has agreed a partnership that will result in its Red Bull Arena being powered by 100 per cent renewable energy.

The agreement with Covanta designates the sustainable waste and energy solutions company as the official energy partner of the New York Red Bulls. Covanta will provide renewable energy to power Red Bull Arena from its Energy-from-Waste facility in nearby Newark, New Jersey.

Covanta’s Energy-from-Waste facilities use post-recycled waste from municipalities and businesses to generate clean electricity. The process is a sustainable alternative to landfilling and reduces greenhouse gases.

Sami Kabbani, Covanta’s senior vice-president of energy, said: “With less than two miles separating Covanta’s Energy-from-Waste facility in Newark, NJ from Red Bull Arena in Harrison, the partnership takes advantage of locally-produced renewable energy that directly benefits the surrounding community and also continues to keep trash out of landfills.”

By shifting from primarily fossil fuel-generated electricity to using renewable energy, the Red Bulls are seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, saving 5,000 tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to the carbon sequestered annually by a forest the size of over six New York City Central Parks.

In addition, Covanta’s electricity results in a further net lifecycle greenhouse gas reduction of 9,500 tonnes by keeping waste out of landfills – the same savings achieved by pulling 1,800 cars off the road.

As a result of the partnership, visitors to Red Bull Arena will have the opportunity to learn the importance of more sustainable waste management including recycling, composting and energy recovery. Covanta and the Red Bulls will tell the story through LED displays and videos, branded waste and recycling receptacles and fan-participation activities outside of the arena on match days.

Image: Sam Szapucki