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Temporary solution found for Optus Stadium’s signage issue

Perth’s Optus Stadium is to add protective covering over its LED advertising boards this weekend after AFL Aussie rules players suffered injuries when colliding with the fence signage last week.

On Sunday, Geelong players Mark Blicavs and Zach Tuohy suffered what were described as significant cuts to their hands after falling into the signage.

The AFL has admitted that the advertising boards used at the stadium, which opened in January, differ from the ones used at other venues. The league has taken action to add temporary protective layers for this weekend, with a permanent solution to be found before the end of the season.

Speaking to K rock radio this week, Tuohy said: “It’s an easy fix. Just put some kind of plastic Perspex over the front of it and problem solved.

“My real concern (would) be, like the Mark Blicavs incident, if you go face-first into it you could potentially have some really nasty scars.

“(It’s) not a huge deal, we’ll be fine. But two in the space of 10 minutes probably warrants the conversation.”

The gap between the pitch and the advertising boards is 5.5 metres, which is above the minimum league requirement of 5 metres. The AFL’s general manager of football operations, Steve Hocking, has said that the current gap will remain in place.

Image: Evad37