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Esports Arena Oakland opens with ‘Smash Royale’ event

The new Esports Arena Oakland specialty gaming facility in California, US, has officially opened its doors by hosting an all-day, multi-genre ‘Smash Royale’ contest.

The event featured a series of Super Smash Brothers (Smash 4, Melee), Street Fighter V and Fortnite tournaments, attracting almost 400 players and fans.

Located in the Jack London Square waterfront area of Oakland, the venue is the fourth dedicated gaming arena and production facility in the Esports Arena network.

Esports Arena Oakland will now operate alongside sites in Orange County, also in California, and in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as the mobile touring arena Esports Arena DRIVE.

The 16,000sq ft facility is able to host all forms of competitive gaming, ranging from daily member play to high-stakes esports events.

It features a modular design for contests of all sizes, a competition stage, PC and console gaming stations, as well as a full bar and menu.

Image: BagoGames