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PSE and SEAA take flight with drone partnership

Paul Sergeant Events (PSE) and Secure Events and Assets (SEAA) have linked up with the Institute for Drone Technology (IfDT) in an effort to better utilise the technology at venues, events and crowded places.

The trio will offer an advisory, training and platform service about drones and counter drones, showcasing how the devices can boost safety and security.

Drones have grown in popularity in recent times and are being put to use in a host of different roles at events, such as for overhead cameras to offer television audiences a better view of the action.

Joel Spencer, chef executive of the IfDT, said: “The use of drones has increased significantly in recent years and, as drones become more technically advanced so too will be the way in which they are used.

“The growth in the use of drones is terrific but the successful integration of drone technology into existing operations needs to be done in a safe and effective way. This ensures the full value of the technology is realised.”

Paul Sergeant, managing director of PSE, added: “The practical and commercial use of drones can have huge benefits for a business but currently many owners and operators don’t know where to turn for reliable, independent advice when drones are being operated at their venue or event.

“Additionally, there is a host of legalities in relation to airspace to consider and who has what authority and responsibility for what. Access to this group of subject matter experts is a great solution for senior executives, managers and insurers in what is a very new and emerging area of the business.”

Jim Fidler, managing director of SEAA, also said: “From a public safety and security perspective, venue and event owners and operators really should consider having a well-prepared drone policy and strategy in place. I

“It’s something else for directors and senior managers to think about but ignorance is no excuse in a court of law and this is just as essential as every other aspect of the industry.”

Image: Pxhere