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Funktion-One proves a hit at Volgograd Arena

Fans at today’s FIFA World Cup match between Japan and Poland will be able to enjoy the music almost as much as the football thanks to the Volgograd Arena’s new Funktion-One sound system.

The company’s UK and Russian divisions collaborated on the development of a system featuring 638 Funktion-One loudspeakers and 50 MC2 Audio amplifiers.

Beginning work on the project last year, Funktion-One has installed loudspeakers that are arrayed and aimed using bespoke metalwork – 24 C-shape clusters along the sides and 12 Y-shape clusters for the corners. The company said each array features Evo 6SH loudspeakers with 50-degree horizontal dispersion for the closer seats and Evo 7SH loudspeakers with narrower dispersion and resulting higher intensity for the further seats.

David Bruml, Funktion-One sales director, said: “We are extremely happy with the sound system installation at the Volgograd Arena and are grateful to our Russian partners for their unwavering support and excellent communication throughout.

“The whole company was energised by this major contract, which is amongst the largest Funktion-One installations to date.”

The 45,000-capacity Volgograd Arena, which opened earlier this year, staged England’s opener against Tunisia as well as the games between Nigeria and Iceland and Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

It is the new home ground of Rotor Volgograd, who play in the second-tier Russian National Football League

Bruml said: “The Funktion-One Evolution system offers class-leading clarity and intelligibility for voice announcements, and the system delivers impressive and truly immersive full-range musical reproduction to enhance the match-day experience for fans.”

Funktion-One Russia’s Andrey Kremenchugskiy said: “It sounds absolutely amazing and, long after the World Cup is over, I expect it to be thrilling sell-out 40,000 crowds.”

IMAGE: Oleg Bkhambri (Voltmetro)