FoneRest executive vice-president Andrew Bleiman believes the start-up’s product can enhance fan engagement and boost the coffers of sports clubs and venues.

FoneRest provides fans with a convenient and accessible way to store and engage with a phone while attending an event. The phone holder, which is fixed to the back of seats with adhesive or screws, can be customised to be any colour and can carry marketing messages, logos and QR codes, opening up a significant new revenue stream for clubs and venues.

According to Bleiman, the product, which costs approximately $5 per unit, was initially lined up for restrooms before sport became the focus.

“We launched in April and the product, which is patented, has been under development for about a year,” Bleiman told

“The initial application was for restrooms, but we saw an opportunity where teams and venues are going as this provides a convenience with a fan that’s lacking.

“It facilitates fan engagement during the game with social media or fan promotions and can be sold as an asset by a stadium or team. So, any sponsor can put a QR code, logo or marketing message on it.”

The product has been on trial at Madison Square Garden in New York (pictured).

“They have reached out to us wanting to expand the demo. We’re optimistic as it’s a low-cost item,” Bleiman said.

“We’re in discussions with a number of Major League Baseball teams. The feedback has been very positive and we think there’s an opportunity.”

Image: FoneRest