Major League Soccer (MLS) club D.C. United played its first game at new home Audi Field at the weekend, but the occasion was marred by a series of issues at the venue.

According to ESPN, United’s sideline reporter Lindsay Simpson was struck by a dislodged railing prior to the game with the Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday.

Simpson was seen by medical personnel at the scene but did not require hospital treatment.

Although details of her injury were not disclosed, ESPN said that the railing may have hit Simpson on the shoulder. Simpson was unable to resume her broadcast after the incident.

Other issues reported on the day included some fans encountering poor mobile phone and Wi-Fi reception, which left them unable to load mobile tickets for the game.

Such issues also impacted journalists working in the press box.

In a series of posts on his Twitter page, The Undefeated columnist Clinton Yates said: “D.C. United can’t get out of their own way. They got a far too large amount of people waiting outside the stadium bc their mobile tickets would not load.

“This team opened a brand new stadium and didn’t even think to print commemorative tickets for memories, nvm getting into the actual stadium. Laughably bush league.”

For fans that were able to gain access to Audi Field, they saw United run out 3-1 winners against the Whitecaps in a game where Wayne Rooney made his first appearance for the home side.

Image: Connor Turner