World Cup stadium damaged on tournament closing day

Volgograd Arena, one of Russia’s stadia for the 2018 Fifa World Cup, has been damaged by heavy rainfall in the southern city.

Built at a cost of over 16 billion rubles (£193.6m/€218.5m/$256.3m), the 45,568-seat venue hosted four group games during the recently completed national team football tournament.

However, as the World Cup concluded in Moscow on Sunday, heavy rain in Volgograd led to a landslide on an embankment near the stadium, creating a several-metre deep hole in it.

A spokesman for the state-run Sport In company which oversaw the construction of the venue told the Reuters news agency that there were also leaks inside the stadium which could take up to a week to repair.

Spokesmen for the Volgograd government and Sport In added that the rainfall levels were extraordinary, stating that the situation was dealt with as an emergency. “This happens once in a hundred years,” a Sport In spokesman said.

Image: MadDog