Olympiastadion sets first with Green Globe recognition

Berlin’s Olympiastadion has become the first stadium in the world to be recognised with Green Globe certification.

Green Globe certification recognises sustainability and management of travel and tourism companies and their related supplier businesses. Green Globe said the Olympiastadion’s award is a testament to its dedication to sustainability and an indication that it is pursuing a successful sustainability strategy.

The 74,475-seat stadium primarily serves as the home of German Bundesliga football club Hertha Berlin and also hosts the final of the DFB Cup, German national team matches and athletics competitions.

The stadium’s managing director Timo Rohwedder said: “One of the company’s main concerns is the absorption refrigeration system. We are particularly proud of our latest sustainability project at the Olympiastadion.

“Together with the Technical University of Berlin, we have put an absorption refrigeration system into operation. In the pilot plant, district heating can now be used for cooling and subsequently used to cool our server rooms.”

He added: “The Olympiastadion is the very first stadium in the world to be certified by Green Globe. We are very proud of this and would like to implement further projects in the field of sustainability at the same time to score with green location advantages.”

Image: Rebecca Leisten