Italian Serie A football club Juventus is keen on building a new stadium that would house its women’s and B teams.

The stadium would have a capacity of five to six thousand and, according to Tuttosport, would be built on the side of Allianz Stadium.

Allianz Stadium opened in 2011 and is owned by Juventus. The club has already built its own headquarters, museum and medical facilities on the site and is now said to be keen to add a second stadium.

The area of land targeted is adjacent to the Continassa headquarters and is currently owned by the local council. The site currently houses the run-down Palatorino indoor sports arena.

Juventus Women was formed in July 2017. The club would follow in the footsteps of Manchester City and Barcelona in building specific stadia for their women’s teams close to their men’s grounds.

Image: Gabriele Barberis