Clients can expect to cover their implementation costs within 18 weeks of introducing Velocity Worldwide’s Darius personalisation and insight technology, with the company keen to establish itself in the sports market.

The technology, which operates on an ROI model that ensures the client secures positive returns relatively quickly, can be implemented quickly, with all of the data housed on Amazon Web Services.

Case studies of some convenience stores show that customers that are linked in with Darius software can spend 50% more than those who are not, and now the company is focusing on “enhancing the pre-stadium, at-stadium and post-stadium experience”.

Tailored push messages, via SMS or email, are delivered to fans based on preferences and behaviours that have been previously established through data analysis.

Patrick Bradley, a Darius client experience executive at Velocity Worldwide, told “The technology allows operators to find out what fans want and when they want it, so it personalises their journey.

“The aim is to get them to spend more money, of course, but they are rewarded. So, for example, the at-stadium experience might include a special offer on food, whereas post-stadium it is about keeping that engagement loop going.

“It is pushing content that can help the operator and the fan, especially as no-one likes to stand in queues.”

Image: Jeshootscom