Government urged to delay ANZ Stadium rebuild

The New South Wales government should first finish development work on the Allianz Stadium in Sydney before refurbishing ANZ Stadium, a parliamentary inquiry has urged.

In March, the regional government set out plans to redevelop the venue instead of demolishing the facility as originally planned.

This came on the back of a decision to demolish and rebuild the Allianz Stadium, as well as a move to rebuild the smaller Parramatta Stadium.

However, the government attracted heavy criticism for its decision to take on a number of major projects at once. Concerns had been raised at the Aus$1.5bn (£826.2m/€925.7m/US$1.08bn) combined price-tag for the Allianz Stadium and ANZ Stadium projects.

A parliamentary inquiry seemingly agrees, suggesting work at the ANZ Stadium site be completed before redevelopment at Allianz Stadium gets underway. The ANZ Stadium work is due to be finished in 2019.

According to the Australian Associated Press, committee chair Robert Brown said: “By this time, works at Sydney Football Stadium (Allianz) will have commenced and lessons may be learnt during the rollout that could inform the works at Stadium Australia (ANZ).

“The government’s failure to prioritise the release of business cases or other quality assurance processes in support of the stadia strategy has understandably led many in the community to question the government’s motives in prioritising stadia and the claimed benefits that superior stadia will deliver to NSW.”

Brown added: “On the evidence received, the committee has found that the significant safety and security concerns at the Sydney Football Stadium require immediate attention and support the case to proceed with the demolition.”

Image: Adam.J.W.C.