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Palace moves to restore Selhurst Park atmosphere

Crystal Palace has said it will implement an “enhanced and expanded” singing section at Selhurst Park from the 2019-20 season in an effort the restore the stadium’s status as having one of the best matchday atmospheres in the English Premier League.

Selhurst Park has been noticeably quieter this season following the disbandment of the Holmesdale Fanatics, a group of around 200 fans in the Holmesdale Stand who had been widely credited as playing a major part in generating substantial noise levels on matchdays.

The group had become frustrated at efforts to relocate to a more central block within the stand, with Palace seeking to not anger existing long-time season ticket holders in the section by moving them to another area.

However, a number of the London club’s supporters’ groups last week issued a joint statement offering their “firm and collective backing” for proposals to implement a central singing section in the Lower Holmesdale and Palace have now responded.

In a statement, the club said: “Much has been said and written in recent weeks about the prospect of an enhanced and expanded ‘singing section’ in the Lower Holmesdale Stand, to further build upon the reputation that our fans inside Selhurst Park have created as one of, if not, the best atmospheres in the Premier League.

“Recognising this will cause some initial disruption, but weighing up all the views and opinions, there appears to be overwhelming support from the supporter base for this to become a reality. We are therefore committed to facilitating a larger and dedicated ‘singing section’ next season, where our most vocal fans will thrive and act as a catalyst to make the Holmesdale Stand into an even greater wall of noise and supportive force behind the team.

“It’s unavoidable that this will result in some of our most valued, longstanding season ticket holders being displaced, we have worked hard to keep this to a relatively small amount and we will of course work hard to make the best alternatives available to them.”

Image: Rockybiggs