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INTERVIEW: Got a Ticket? Pass It On. Pass It Around.

All the research shows that fans want to be able to move their tickets on. So why do so few teams and venues offer customers the option to share or re-sell tickets? They are missing out on revenue and data.

TheStadiumBusiness caught up with Andreas Kienbink, Co-Founder & CEO of keyper, the Austrian-based software house that has produced what it claims is “the leading White Label, cross-platform solution for the sale and distribution of mobile tickets for sports, entertainment and arts”. Its latest customers including FK Austria Vienna and FC Basel 1893.


“Selling, trading or sharing goods and rights belongs to one of the most important activities in the history of mankind,” enthuses Kienbink. “Keeping a reliable and trusted record of transactions has evolved alongside this historical narrative. Why has ticketing not embraced this reality?”

He continues: “From the beginning our motivation – and our biggest challenge – was to solve the current and emerging problems of the ticket market and to further develop it in a future-oriented way. Our solution makes it possible to establish a direct connection between clubs and customers so that a fully-regulated and transparent trade of tickets is guaranteed.

“The clubs do not only benefit from the solution of these problems now, but they also create considerable opportunities to be more commercially successful – as well as more adaptable – to new requirements in the future. By this I mean such ideas as professional sales engines and personalised ticketing. The mobile device will become the ticket management system and will replace the physical ticket at the same time.”


One of the key benefits of the solution explains Kienbink is the data that is collated: “Our first customers are already able to collect very useful statistics that show the the behaviour of their ticket-buying customers. For example, at one club, up to 80% of transferred tickets will be transferred within the last 24 hours before the start of the game.

“On average of 60% of these transferred tickets are actually given as a gift and only 40% are sold. Of the total amount of transferred tickets, over 80% will be transferred via mobile devices and 20% by Email.”

These headlines reinforce the benefits of offering fans a simple method of exchange or transfer, says Kienbink. The cost of no-shows at events is a hidden real cost to the events industry. Kienbink says that his firm’s research indicates the average football club is missing out on €1.5m per season by not offering a solution for potential no-shows. The keyper solution has been launched as an alternative to the controversial secondary ticketing market which, in the words of Kienbink, “takes money away from clubs”.


“This development shows us very strongly that the potential customers of tomorrow need a fast, secure, easy and mobile service to actively manage their ticket and related services. The customer wants to have the opportunity to transfer the ticket at the last minute – perhaps because of illness or a change in diary commitments. Our system provides this service but, most importantly, we let the club or ticket seller to decide the criteria which sets who, how and when the ticket can be shared or passed on.”

“With keyper, any kind of transaction between customers and suppliers or distributors can be executed in a fast, easy, secure and rule-based way.”

Kienbink says that the keyper solution is platform agnostic – it can plug into any ticketing platform which has a decent API.

“​No matter what kind of underlying system or platform is involved, keyper uses as a KEY the PERson to ensure that customer rights and connections are granted and secure, anytime, everywhere.​“


Here’s how keyper works. For more information see this video or visit keyper.io