Angry Birds, Chicago Bulls launch new camera initiative

Video game developer Rovio Entertainment, creator of the Angry Birds franchise, has partnered with NBA basketball team the Chicago Bulls to introduce the Angry Birds Eye View Cam at United Center.

The franchise will sponsor the camera, which is designed to enhance the fan experience at United Center by providing close-up and dramatic footage from above the backboard.

The camera was introduced at the weekend for the Bulls’ 116-118 defeat to the Detroit Pistons. Fans watching the game on television were able to see above-the-rim action via their local broadcast.

“Each season the Bulls look forward to providing our fans with new and exciting elements that enhance the game experience, whether it’s in the arena or on broadcast,” Matthew Kobe, vice-president of business strategy and analytics for the Bulls, said, according to The Drum website.

“Through our new partnership with Angry Birds, fans around the world will get to see never-before-seen views from a new ‘Angry Birds Eye View’ camera placed above the backboard of each basket.”

The franchise also serves as the sleeve sponsor of English Premier League football club Everton.

Image: Gavindow