Eden Park scoots off with Lime partnership

Auckland’s Eden Park stadium has entered into a partnership with Lime, a global electric scooter company.

Eden Park will position itself as an ‘e-scooter hotspot’ with dedicated Lime parking areas, juicing stations, regular rider safety workshops and event integrations.

The deal marks Lime’s first Australasian partnership and will ensure Eden Park is more accessible for locals and tourists visiting Auckland.

Lime’s first Rider Safety Summit will be held at Eden Park on December 1, when users will be educated on the importance of responsible scooter usage.

Mayank Mittal, Lime’s head of partnerships, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Eden Park, a pillar of Auckland that’s such an integral part of the fabric of Kiwi culture and identity.

“As the city of Auckland continues to grow, we need to ensure we are maximising the movement of people around the city by providing accessible transportation that minimises congestion. The advantage of our scooters is they work together with existing public transit, so people can rely less on personal cars making game-day parking cheaper, greener and easier for fans.”

Eden Park chief executive Nick Sautner added: “Introducing Lime’s e-scooter facilities here at the Park not only means the stadium continues to modernise but puts our customers, and our neighbours, front of mind. We’re thrilled with this opportunity to offer fans an alternative ride to and from Eden Park and we are also conscious of reducing traffic and the overall carbon footprint around our neighbourhood.”

Lime has a presence in more than 125 markets worldwide and over the past 18 months its customers have clocked up 20 million rides.

Image: Eden Park