Biometric tech to be introduced into UK stadium market

IT solutions company Verteda has announced that it is rolling out biometric recognition technology across the stadium and hospitality sectors, with one leading UK venue to be fitted with the Fingopay system before the end of the year.

Fingopay, a biometric payment and identity solution that enables fast, safe and secure payments, is being integrated into Verteda’s point of sale systems.

Verteda says the move marks the first time that fans will be able to pay for food and beverages with their finger at UK stadia. Some venues are also using the Fingopay technology to recognise staff clocking in for shifts.

Fingopay will be rolled out at “one of the UK’s leading stadiums” in 2018, but Verteda did not confirm the venue.

To take advantage of the technology, stadium customers will initially register themselves at the start of the football season, and as they attend matches throughout the year they can make further purchases using their finger.

The Fingopay reader uses harmless infrared light, which maps the unique pattern of veins inside customers’ fingers. Unlike fingerprints, vein patterns leave no trace and cannot be copied.

The technology provides venue operators with greater insight into customer purchases, offering information on what customers have purchased and when.

Verteda’s sales director, Matthew Prosser, said: “This is an exciting time for stadium payment technology. We’re going beyond the traditional boundaries of cash and even card transactions, offering consumers a wider array of payment methods to improve the customer experience. Combined with data from stadium operators’ other systems, Fingopay gives stadiums and hospitality venues the ability to collect more insightful data about their customers’ purchases to improve service delivery and be more operationally efficient.”

Image: Verteda