The athletics department of Purdue University has appointed Elevate Sports Ventures to oversee a study to shape the strategy for renovation work at Ross-Ade Stadium.

The 57,000-seat stadium serves as the home of the Purdue Boilermakers American football team. The West Lafayette, Indiana-based university has said the “time is right” to sharpen its focus on improvements to the venue, which opened in 1924.

Elevate, a consulting firm that specialises in sports and entertainment, will manage a fan-centric, data-driven study that will determine what renovation work will take place at Ross-Ade Stadium. The study will be the basis for the ‘Your Ross-Ade Stadium’ campaign.

As part of the study, data from tens of thousands of stakeholder surveys and hundreds of focus-group interviews with “specially vetted” participants will be analysed. Fans will be asked for their views on the stadium’s entry and egress areas, seating options, concessions, parking, game presentation, technology and more. The first wave of surveys will begin on Friday.

Mike Bobinski, Purdue’s vice-president of intercollegiate athletics, said: “Purdue Athletics is committed to providing our athletes and fans modern, dynamic environments in which to train, compete and cheer,” Bobinski said. “Our partnership with Elevate Sports Ventures allows us to employ a progressive, thoughtful approach to help shape future strategies and initiatives.

“We are confident that Elevate’s professional sports and entertainment experience and cutting-edge methodology will lead to outcomes that excite current and prospective season-ticket holders, students, alumni and more. Purdue is proud to partner with Elevate on this project as they bring their expertise and impact to the college sports environment.”

Al Guido, Elevate chief executive, added: “Purdue University’s decision to approach this significant stadium initiative with a smart, analytical eye and an unwavering desire to create the ultimate, fan-centric, college game experience make them an ideal partner through which to leverage Elevate’s insights and analytical approach from the professional sports front office to the college sphere.

“This project allows Elevate the opportunity to maximise significant resources from our partners, from mastery of database management to proficiency in and aptitude towards a fan-first, diagnostic-based strategy. Purdue University Football has reached a critical point in the development and servicing of their thriving season ticket holder base, and their intention to deploy this data-driven strategy is evidence of their place as thought-leaders in the college ecosystem.”

From 2016 to 2018, Purdue’s average home attendance grew by nearly 50 per cent, from 34,451 to 51,120.

Image: Purdue Sports