Oakland A’s eye gondola system at new ballpark

Major League Baseball team the Oakland A’s has detailed plans for an aerial gondola system that would be built as part of its proposed new stadium.

In November, the A’s revealed plans to develop a new stadium and revamp its existing Coliseum home, spelling out an intention to put the “park back in ballpark”.

The stadium would be built at the waterfront Howard Terminal and have a capacity of 34,000. The square block of the ballpark district will sit within the extended urban fabric of Oakland, transforming the ballpark’s concourses into street, and concessions into restaurants. Diverse programming embedded within and around the ballpark will seek to ensure the ballpark, and the park that sits atop it, are active on game days and non-game days alike.

The team has now revealed more details on the aerial gondola system, which would transport fans to the new ballpark from near the Oakland Convention Center. The A’s say the ride will be approximately three minutes, with the system able to move 6,000 individuals per hour per direction.

The team believes the zero-emission transit line system would prove less obtrusive for cargo and cruise ship traffic, and act as a flexible placement for urban planning. The system would be electrically powered and could be driven by any renewable power sources available in the region.

The gondola would be half a mile long and feature two stations. The system would cost around $123m (£93.5m/€107.5m).

Image: Oakland A’s