Bleep UK, which designs, manufactures and supplies point-of-sale solutions, has launched a new self-service EPOS kiosk following successful trial installations across a range of venues.

The Bleep SS-821 has been developed by Bleep’s in-house, UK-based team over the course of the last two years. It has been designed to cater for the emerging demand of self-service point-of-sale technology and complement Bleep’s existing portfolio of EPOS and payment solutions.

The SS-821 product will be in place across retail, hospitality and events environments and will be fitted with a built-in touch-screen, intuitive software and high-speed thermal receipt printer. It will also be able to integrate an Ingenico card payment device to create an all-in-one solution.

The kiosk will be built into a secure, steel casing which can be branded with company logos and corporate colours. It is hoped the new kiosk will allow for easier navigation in menus, products and screens, and allow customers to quickly select items for immediate collection or pre-ordering.

Orders from the kiosk will be immediately sent to a preparation area, via a kitchen printer or kitchen video display. The kiosk also links to Web Back Office for live price and product updates and real-time sales and stock reporting, allowing businesses to track precise data and metrics on exactly what has been ordered.

The kiosk is designed to reduce queueing time, increase transaction speed, improve order accuracy and increase spend per head to maximise revenues for clients.

John Wellman, group chief executive of Bleep UK PLC, said: “We are in business to offer innovative, integrated point-of-sale solutions for our clients in hospitality, retail and events industries. We believe that our new self-service kiosk achieves just that and is a ground-breaking development – in terms of performance, functionality and price – for industries such as, fast-food, quick service restaurants, football clubs, arenas, theatres and many more.

“The SS-821 kiosk, developed by Bleep UK PLC, has been designed for fast paced environments with responsive touchscreen capabilities and an intuitive user interface, where customers can quickly and easily browse the menu, select items and finalise their order with integrated card payments. Feedback from the trial sites, from operators and customers alike, has been excellent, with benefits such as spend per head increases and a reduction in queues felt almost immediately.”

Image: Bleep