Mexican Open to receive new stadium complex

Plans have been announced for a new 9,731-seat stadium for the Mexican Open tennis event in Acapulco.

The project will cost $8m (£6m/€7m) and will be led by Mundo Imperial and Grupo Pegaso. It is hoped the stadium will be open by autumn 2020.

The stadium, dubbed the Complejo Tenístico Mundo Imperial, will provide views of the nearby golf course and the Pacific Ocean. The venue will also feature a gymnasium, press area, restaurant, player lounge and medical areas.

Additionally, the stadium will host music concerts and other shows, for which its capacity will be able to increase to 15,000.

The tournament’s main stadium is currently based at the Hotel Princess Mundo Imperial resort.

This year’s Mexican Open concluded at the weekend, with Nick Kyrgios and Y.F. Wang winning the men’s and women’s singles titles, respectively.

Image: Mexican Open