The NFL American football league has signed a two-year innovation partnership with telecommunications company Verizon to develop new products and services that utilise 5G technology.

The partnership will also seek to develop products that use other future technologies as part of plans to enhance NFL games and improve the overall fan experience. Verizon will serve as the official 5G innovation partner of the NFL, with the deal to initially include three pillars.

Verizon and NFL will develop new in-stadium mobile features that can enhance the fan experience through 5G.

The two parties will also engage game developers to create one or more NFL-themed, 5G-powered mobile games, which will showcase the power of 5G in gaming by taking advantage of low latency to enable higher quality experiences.

Additionally, Verizon will explore the use of 5G technology to stream volumetric video for the development of new fan experiences and applications.

The new agreement is an expansion of Verizon’s long-running partnership with the NFL. Verizon distributes live games and other NFL content across its mobile network and through Verizon Media’s Yahoo! Sports. Verizon also works with individual NFL teams and venues on stadium technology to help improve operations and connectivity for fans.

Verizon chief executive Hans Vestberg said: “Today’s announcement is another milestone in Verizon’s long-standing relationship with the NFL.

“The innovation partnership will use Verizon’s 5G technology to unlock new and exciting ways for NFL fans to view, share and engage with their favourite teams no matter where they are. From the living room to the stadium, 5G will transform the sports experience.”

Image: Jim Bahn